3 Tips to Get Your Car Ready for Spring

Get Your Car Ready for Spring | Crivitz, WI

As exciting as the warmer weather of spring can be, it can also present some new challenges for your car and your commute. Here are three tips to get your car ready for spring here in Crivitz, Wisconsin.

Clean your car

While you’re waiting for milder weather to arrive, take your car for a wash. This will remove any salt and grime that has accumulated on your vehicle during the winter and help prevent rust on the undercarriage.

Check the tire pressure

Constantly changing temperatures can do a real number on tire pressure. To keep your tires working as effectively and efficiently as possible, be sure to constantly check your tire pressure and inflate them when needed.

Test your car’s battery

Cold weather is rough on every component of your car, especially on the battery. So, make sure to test your battery to make sure it has enough life in it to keep your car functioning smoothly this spring. If it has been a while since you last changed this part, it’s probably time to do so.

No matter whether you’re anticipating spring day trips or longer road trips, Frank Porth Chevrolet will be happy to give your car a seasonal checkup. Call us today to schedule a service appointment.

How to Find the Right Tires for Your Chevy

Find the Right Tires for Your Chevy | Crivitz, WI

For many, tires are something to think about only in the event of a spare. But tires are one of the most important components of any vehicle. At Frank Porth Chevrolet, we can help you find the right tires for your Chevy. Whether you live in Crivitz, Octono Falls, Menominee, or Marinette, stop by to browse our diverse selection of new tires.

Tires for the seasons

All-Season Tires

Despite what the name implies, all-season tires aren’t necessarily the best choice for all weather conditions. Rather, all-season tires strike a middle ground an offer adequate performance in cold and hot weather.


Summer tires deliver optimal performance in hot, wet weather. While they don’t work as well in cold conditions, they can’t be beaten for summer driving.


Winter tires are made of special rubber than keep them pliable when the temperature drops below freezing, making them the best choice for driving in cold weather and snow.



Performance tires have a high-speed rating and special rubber compounds that offer optimal grip in fairly stable conditions.


If you plan on taking your vehicle off-road, special off-road tires might be the best option. Off-road tires feature wide and deep tread for enhanced traction in mud, though they tend to wear down quickly on normal roads.


Finally, it’s important to consider warranty protection when shopping for new tires. At Frank Porth Chevrolet, we offer excellent warranty coverage on new tires so you can drive with confidence.

Contact us here at Frank Porth Chevrolet to set up a service appointment to install the tires of your choice. We’re here to make sure your travels are as safe as they are enjoyable.