Here’s When You Should Use Your Vehicle’s Hazard Lights

Frank Porth Chevrolet | Crivitz, WI

Your vehicle’s hazard lights are an important tool for emergencies. If you need to pull over to the side of the road, these lights will help maintain safe conditions by alerting other drivers to your presence. However, there are certain situations where you shouldn’t use hazard lights. Here’s a guide to using them properly in Crivitz, Wisconsin.

When to Use Hazard Lights

When your vehicle is disabled on the side of the road: If you need to pull over to the side of the road because you were involved in a collision, your vehicle breaks down, or you have a flat or punctured tire, activate your hazard lights so you’re visible to everyone in the area.

When you get pulled over: If a police vehicle turns on its flashing lights and signals for you to pull over, comply as soon as it’s safely possible. You can turn on your hazard lights to communicate to the officer that you are pulling over as they’ve ordered.

When Not to Use Hazard Lights

While driving: In general, don’t use your hazard lights while driving. Activating them makes it difficult for other drivers to tell when you’re using your turn signals. If there’s heavy snow or rain, use your regular lights or get off the road instead of turning on your hazards.

While parking illegally: First of all, don’t illegally park at all, even if you’re just running in for a quick errand. And definitely don’t turn on your flashing hazard lights to make it look like you belong there.

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