Tips to Stay Safe on Fall Drives in Wisconsin

fall drives in Wisconsin

Driving in the fall has its hazards, but if you know what to expect and how to avoid those hazards, you’ll have a safe and accident-free season in your Chevy vehicle. Follow these safety tips during your fall drives in Wisconsin.

1: Check your tires

A drop in temperature can shrink the air in your tires, so check the pressure and add air if needed. It’s also a good time to check the tread. You need more traction during the colder months here in Wisconsin, due to the amount of rain and snow we get. If the tread is low, it’s time for new tires.

2: Clean your headlights

Headlights can get foggy over time, putting out less light. As the days get shorter and night comes sooner, you want as much light as you can get. Give your headlights a good scrub to boost the illumination they deliver and improve visibility.

3: Avoid high beams in fog

Using your high beams when driving through fog actually reduces your visibility, because the light reflects off the fog particles. So, use your regular headlights when navigating through foggy weather conditions.

4: Be careful of animals

You’re more likely to hit an animal during the fall than any time of year, thanks to lower visibility due to fall’s fewer hours of daylight. It’s also the season that critters tend to be out looking for a mate or stocking up on food for the winter. Keep your speed low and keep an eye out for deer and other wildlife that might be crossing the road.

5: Drive slow on leaves

The trees are rapidly shedding their leaves onto the roads, and leaves can make the road seriously slippery. If you’re driving on a leafy street, go slowly to avoid skidding.

Bring your Chevrolet in for service this fall here at Frank Porth Chevrolet. We’ll help prep your vehicle for colder weather so you can rest assured that it functions safely and smoothly during Wisconsin’s colder season.