What You Should Do After Buying a Used Car | Crivitz, WI

after buying a used car | Crivitz, WI

Congratulations on your pre-owned car purchase from Frank Porth Chevrolet! We are so excited to be part of your car ownership journey. Before you embrace the open road, though, there are several things you need to accomplish. Here is a rundown of what to do after buying a used car.

Buy insurance

Insurance is a must as a car owner. The right policy will help protect you and your vehicle if it is stolen, in an accident, vandalized, or damaged from a weather-related event.

Gather paperwork

The title and bill of sale are two important pieces of paperwork. The former should state your vehicle’s mileage, and the bill of sale features the name of the seller and buyer as well as the purchase price of the vehicle. It serves as your receipt.

Temporary tags

Typically, you will have approximately 30 days to register your vehicle and purchase plates at your local license bureau. Until then, you can drive with the temporary tags from the dealership.

Proper registration

You’ll need permanent plates and proper registration to drive legally, so you’ll need to make time for the Department of Motor Vehicles. You’ll need to pay required fees and present proof of insurance, title, and loan paperwork, if applicable.

Maintenance, too, is an essential part of owning a car. For all your vehicle maintenance needs, contact Frank Porth Chevrolet in Crivitz, Wisconsin.