Chevy Tahoe and Traverse Rival Minivan Accommodations

2021 Chevy Tahoe | Crivitz, WI

Minivans are a popular choice when it comes to family-friendly transportation. But three-row SUVs are another smart choice for modern families. According to U.S. News & World Report, the Chevy Tahoe and Traverse are two of the Best Three-Row SUVs to Buy If You Don’t Want a Minivan.

The 2020 Tahoe made the publication’s list because it’s incredibly dependable. So dependable, in fact, that it earned a perfect predicted reliability rating.

And it can seat up to nine people when the seats are upright and offer a maximum cargo volume of 94.7 cubic feet when the back rows are collapsed. That makes it a spacious choice if you have a large family that needs all that space.

The Traverse was recognized by U.S. News & World Report because of its great cabin technology. It includes a standard Wi-Fi hot spot and an available rear-seat entertainment system that rivals similar systems on minivans.

It also comes with plenty of space with seating for up to eight people. With all of the tech features, like Bluetooth® audio streaming and an optional Bose® sound system, it’s easy to keep everyone entertained and your kids quieter on long trips.

Celebrate the Tahoe and Traverse’s minivan-like amenities when you test-drive each here at Frank Porth Chevrolet in Crivitz, WI.

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