Why Teens May Be Hesitant to Drive

Why Teens May be Hesitant to Drive | Crivitz, WI

Learning to drive is considered a rite of passage for American teenagers. However, not every teen is excited to get behind the wheel. Here are a few reasons why teens may be hesitant to drive.

Bad On-Road Experience

Even the most skilled driver will have a negative on-road experience at some point during their lifetime of driving. But, if a teen driver has this bad on-road experience early on when they’re learning to drive, it can leave them nervous about driving. Having a vehicle equipped with advanced safety features like the Teen Driver technology that comes on Chevrolet vehicles is a great way to boost their confidence behind the wheel.

Environmental Consciousness

Your teen might have an altruistic reason for not wanting to drive, such as being environmentally conscious. If they live in a city where public transportation is readily available, they might not even need to drive around as much.

Hesitant to Grow Up

Some psychologists suggest that a hesitant teen driver may avoid driving due to a reluctance to move onto the next stage of their adolescence. After all, driving is a big responsibility. If you think your teen is hesitant to get behind the wheel for this reason, it’s important to talk with them and address their concerns.

On the other hand, if your teen is excited to get their driver’s license, then you should consider reinforcing their enthusiasm by purchasing a new or used car for them here at Frank Porth Chevrolet.

Whether your teen is reluctant to drive or excited about it, remember to contact us at Frank Porth Chevrolet for your young driver’s automotive needs. Whether you’re helping them shop for their first car or need to schedule a service appointment for their vehicle, we’re here to support you and your teen in this new phase.

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